Who We Serve

Whether you’re a funded startup or growth-stage enterprise, our team has the critical knowledge, connections, and expertise to be an important factor in your ongoing success.

Early Stage Start-Ups

Factor 7 equips early stage startups with all the essentials to help them navigate their initial steps with a focus on cost/burn efficiency, and effectiveness to maximize return on investment.

Typical Engagement Stages

  • Seed, Series A
  • Pre-revenue
  • Clinical Phase
    (Pre PMA or 510k)
  • Investor & Early Adopters Focus

Typical Services Provided

  • Company and capital formation
  • Management & leadership team buildouts
  • Marketing and branding tools for success in early market engagement and access.
    • (logos, websites, mission, vision, and messaging development)
  • New Product Development: MRDs, regulatory and quality assessments, market research, competitive product benchmarking and analyses.

Series A & B

For companies with established products and teams, Factor 7 helps ensure product, project and operational success to ensure adherence to timelines and maximize results.

Typical Engagement Stages

  • Revenue, Series A&B
  • Launch Prep, Initial Sales Channel, Launch
  • Regulatory-cleared, Market-ready Launch
  • HCP Focus

Typical Services Provided

  • Product launch readiness
  • Marketing execution–strategic digital, outreach, and lead generation
  • Initial lifecycle management, engineering, QA/RA resources as needed
  • Sales training and early market access w/ KOLs, establishing CRMs, etc.

Mature Brands

Companies with established brands and products trust Factor 7 with key tasks that ensure continuous growth, without which, new product development and core commercialization efforts may otherwise slow. 

Typical Engagement Stages

  • Acquired, IPO, M&A
  • Sales Model Changes, Business Systems, Innovation
  • Product Extensions, Offering Expansion
  • HCP Focus

Typical Services Provided

  • Market saturation strategies
  • Sales and sales operations efficiency
  • Marketing execution and outreach, re-branding
  • Product lifecycle management, engineering resources, quality assurance, remediation
  • Product-responsive innovation, corporate strategy, and culture refinement
  • Mergers and acquisitions

The Factor 7 Difference

Achieving measurable and sustainable results in healthcare is a challenging process, and having the right resources is imperative. 

Whether on a fractional, project-based or full-time basis, Factor 7 Medical delivers proven, trusted, and deep expertise that can strengthen your technology, your operations, and your commercial results.

Let our expert resources ignite your innovation and amplify your success.

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