Factor 7 Services

Fractional Leadership

When time is critical and you need an immediate solution, Factor 7 will train, mentor and augment your team with tools and expertise to create a culture of teamwork and innovation while accelerating results.

  • Leadership Development & Staff Augmentation – Turn your management team into top-performing executives.

  • Project Leadership & Mentoring – Pair your management team with us to hone their strategic and tactical leadership skills.

Product Development

We will partner with you to understand customer needs, identify influential KOLs, ensure verification and validation systems are on target, and find urgent solutions to rescue projects.

Design & Development

  • Discovery / Feasibility –  Define a clear problem statement that articulates customer needs to establish specifications and a technical path for the product.

  • Concept Development – Develop ideas around user needs, practical technology, and stakeholder alignment.

  • Intellectual Property –  Protect your IP as part of your competitive advantage and a primary barrier to entry for your competitors.

  • Design Development – Establish technical specifications and a design keeping in mind design controls, regulatory path, quality planning, and testing needs.

  • Prototyping – Fail fast and iterate with both additive or subtractive manufacturing.

  • RA / QA / CA – Make sure the right things are done in the right way.

  • Design Verification and Validation – Support mechanical testing and cadaver labs.

  • Design Transfer – Include manufacturing early in the design process to avoid last-minute pitfalls.

  • Project Rescue – Define solutions to critical problems in product or process with high urgency and value.

Product Management

  • Market Research –  Conduct primary and secondary research to understand the customer segments, market size, and competitive landscape. Work through preliminary reimbursement and regulatory assessments. 

  • Customer Discovery – Uncover customer pain points and create a hypothesis to test.

  • Value Proposition – Clearly articulate how to turn customer pains into customer gains.

  • KOL Team Development / VOC – Identify and network with thought leaders, influencers, researchers, and typical users to clearly understand the problem.

  • Business Discovery / Lean Canvas – Focus on desire (do customers need it), feasibility (can you make it), and viability (will customers pay for it) to create a business model.

  • Product and Technology Roadmap – Align the products and technology with the business goals of the company.

Systems Analysis

  • QMS and Design Controls

  • Project Management

  • Continuous Process Improvement

Business Strategy and Execution

Regardless of your growth stage, our team is poised to nurture, develop, or fill a gap to help you move to that next crucial step.

Business Strategy 

  • Company Formation

  • Strategic Planning – Commercial, Operational, Product Platform

  • Capital Strategy / Pitch Refinement / Capital Access

  • Financial Structure / Modeling / Planning

  • Mergers & Acquisitions / Research / Outreach / Due Diligence

  • Market Access / Networking

  • Exit / Sustainability / Succession Planning

Business Execution

  • Fractional LeadershipCEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CSO, GM

  • Financial Performance / Analysis / Corrective Actions

  • Team Development / Performance Improvements

Sales and Marketing

The best invention will wither on the vine if it’s not backed up by a comprehensive plan covering all aspects of sales and marketing.  A well-executed strategy hits customer pain points deeply and efficiently.


  • Sales Planning and Execution – Focus on customer needs and crafting a message to increase prospects and revenue.

  • Compensation Models – Keep your sales team engaged and active with margin sensitive compensation plans.

  • Sales Training

  • Recruiting and Onboarding – Work with both direct sales and independent distributors.


  • Branding – Develop a cohesive branding strategy including logos, website development, promotional materials, etc.

  • Webinars – Present educational and product information effectively to targeted customers.

  • Digital Marketing – Execute a complete strategy utilizing all digital communication methods including email “touch campaigns”, podcasts and social media strategies.

  • Website Development – Maximize your web presence with a website designed to create a simple and effective user experience.

  • Collateral Materials

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Tradeshows and Conferences

  • Public Relations


From start-ups to multi-site enterprises, our team will assist you in finding tailored strategies to make everything work in sync – ideal headcount, inventory management, cost reduction, capital investment lean design thinking, and more.

  • Capacity and Resource Planning – Determine optimal headcount, inventory, and through-put.

  • Operations Budgeting – Set an annual and monthly budget to achieve desired profitability and return.

  • Cost Reduction Strategy – Take cost out of products and process but retain quality and output levels.

  • Sourcing / Outsourcing

  • Capital Investment Strategy

  • Lean Practices