Connecting with and marketing to the right audience.

Most organizations devote significant time and energy to product development but often overlook a critical area: marketing and targeting the right audience. 

At Factor 7 Medical, we specialize in guiding healthcare companies and medical device firms toward success. Our team of experts has a proven track record of transforming good ideas into profitable ventures. 

Don't just survive in the market, AMPLIFY your presence with us.

Effective results stem from a robust strategy. Factor 7 Medical utilizes an approach that focuses on what truly impacts your sales process, eliminating unnecessary hurdles. We guide you towards clear technical and creative goals.
Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of success. At Factor 7, we prioritize collecting the right data and identifying key emotional touchpoints in the buyer’s journey, helping you differentiate valuable insights from mere hype.
Maximizing your time with prospects is both an art and a science. We focus on tailoring your communication to what your target audience truly cares about, ensuring your messaging, design, and content resonate effectively.
Implementing your finely-tuned business development tools is where Factor 7 truly excels. Our data-driven marketing strategies are measurable, trackable, and directly contribute to your bottom line. With Factor 7, gain greater visibility and flexibility in managing customer interactions. We believe in continuous improvement to deliver better results.

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We provide trusted expertise and resources to ignite your innovative ideas and accelerate your success from the beginning.


We’ll help ensure your business is equipped with tools needed to amplify and maximize your market potential.


Our subject matter experts will work with you to ensure your strategy remains invigorated to maximize your market reach.

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Contact Factor 7 Medical today and discover the difference we can make in achieving measurable and sustainable results in your healthcare business.

The Factor 7 Difference

Achieving measurable and sustainable results in healthcare is a challenging process, and having the right resources is imperative. 

Whether on a fractional, project-based or full-time basis, Factor 7 Medical delivers proven, trusted, and deep expertise that can strengthen your technology, your operations, and your commercial results.

Let our expert resources ignite your innovation and amplify your success.

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