About Us

Factor 7 provides expert services throughout the entire product lifecycle, from product inception to market launch and sales acceleration. Our services cover new product development, regulatory compliance, marketing, operational leadership, commercialization strategy, and much more. We specialize in navigating the complex medical device market landscape, helping our clients bring their products to market efficiently and effectively.

We have a wide network of subject matter experts in various therapeutic applications and technologies, including Orthopedics, Spine, Biologics, Cardiovascular, Pediatrics, and more. We also have access to a range of vetted medical device contract engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing partners to ensure capability alignment. We can accelerate any project and deliver immediate results that you can trust.

Factor 7 is unique because of our collective market influence, experience, and expansive network, which has proven successful in the medical industry. Our process involves evaluating your needs, designing a solution, and executing it to achieve desired results. Trust us to provide exceptional results for your medical device needs.

The Factor 7 Difference

Achieving measurable and sustainable results in healthcare is a challenging process, and having the right resources is imperative. 

Whether on a fractional, project-based or full-time basis, Factor 7 Medical delivers proven, trusted, and deep expertise that can strengthen your technology, your operations, and your commercial results.

Let our expert resources ignite your innovation and amplify your success.

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